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Kutch 2

30 June 2011

I just realized how bad I have been at updating here. Bad me. I have these ideas all the time about what to write about, but for some reason it never happens.

But now I write. Good me.

OK, time to stop the randomness. I’m currently in the city Bhuj, in Kutch (the northern region of Gujarat) and I am here to do the field work of my internship. Everyday I go out to one village to interview children, adolescent girls, parents, teachers and health workers  how the new water supply schemes, sanitation facilities and hygiene education affect the lives of the children. It’s really amazing to hear the difference it can make.  For example one girl told us that she got rid of her neck pain when the water fetching stop, another that her school results increased, one boy that his mum now have time to help him with his home work and one teen aged girl  that she would not accept to get married into a family without proper sanitation facilities. One group of mothers told that they leave the children, including toddlers, alone for three-four hours a day and one health care workers that that a safe water supply scheme has resulted in that the children no longer are malnourished. I could go on like this forever…

Not everything is found/told in all the villages, not at all, but the WASMO’s work has always done some difference everywhere.

Tomorrow we’ll go close to the the Great saline Rann of Kutch and I don’t know if it will be my last, it’s not yet decided if I will go here a third time.

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  1. 30 June 2011 21:11

    Hmmm.. Interesting…

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