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Where is the soap, bro’?

9 June 2011

Something that I miss at many places here at the public (offices, restaurants, etc) hand washing facilities is soap. Most people wash their hands, but at the same time washing with only water is not enough to stop diseases of spreading. It is not even present in the bathroom or canteen of WASMO, which is an organization that is supposed to promote good hand washing practices. And that was it with that be a role model :S My solution is to drown my hands in hand sanitizer. I know it’s not optimal, so if anyone has any recommendation you’re welcome to tell me.

Every time I think about it, and that is several times a day, I want to start to sing “Var är tvålen, broder?” (Where is the soap, brother?) by the late Swedish artist Povel Ramel.

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  1. 22 June 2011 21:03

    Hy Karin..

    I hope you remember me

    This is Vikram..I met you at Orchid Park..on Sunday

    I was just going through your articals….and just accepted the Emily’s Facebook request

    Thanks to Mr Narendra Modi for taking so many initiatives in developing the rural Gujarat..right form branding the state to launching new schemes , the main point is there is little involvement of youth in these activities….

    so many factors are behind that….any my company I take part in Corporate Social Responsibility activities which benefits the organisation and as well as the villages around

    so much to say and share…hope we can meet again.

    Oh… its late night……12:30 am……..hussssh ..have to wake up for ….office tommrow.

    Vikram Karkhanis
    Administration and Corporate Affairs

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