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What I am doing at WASMO

28 May 2011
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Three days back I wrote about what WASMO are doing. Today I thought that I would I’m doing at WASMO.

After some discussions with my bosses it is now clear that I will do evaluation research on how  WASMO different programmes for improved WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) are affecting children. Bad water and sanitation are the major factors behind diseases such as  pneumonia, diarrhoea and malnutrition, which yearly cause the death of millions of children. Water fetching traditionally takes enormous amounts of time, especially for girls, which means that they have neither time or energy to attend school. Bad sanitation facilities at school lower the school enrolment, especially for girls when they reach the age of menarche. And these are just some of the problem that bad WASH cause children.

Through WASMO’s programme the majority of the rural Gujarati population now have a piped household water connection, the number of household toilets are increasing drastically and almost all schools does today have sanitation facilities that also are separated for boys and girls.

So what I will do is to research how this has affected different age groups of children from newly-borns to adolescents. This in terms of health, possibility to attend school, but also if they have and have more time time to play and how teenage girls think that it might impact their future married life.

So why children? I am not a child-loving person. I’m rather quite sceptical to especially toddlers that I don’t have connection to. (On the other hand children usually like me, and then it becomes a good relation in the end anyway). So why? Firstly, I’m not an engineer, so I can’t really study the technical aspects of water and sanitation provision. Secondly, WASMO has two special target groups for their programmes. One is women and one is children. The impact on women has already been studied several times. So I saw a knowledge gap about the affect on the  other target group. So here we go.

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