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India and gender equality

10 May 2011

Last week I attended a meeting with Vartika and the girls working with her project and after the actual project meeting we somehow started to talk about their frustration about the expectations on Indian women of today. That even if you are highly educated and have a successful career the career of many Indian women end the day get married or atleast then they have children. Women are expected to stay home with the children and that men are having the responsibility for babies is almost non-existing. Atleast as I interpreted it.

The girls also told me about some societies in Rajasthan were women are not aloud to be in the same room as the men, when even a man, especially one of the elderly men enters a room, she must leave.

Today and yesterday I have been reading reports about the situation of women in rural Gujarat. There exist societies were the women are to aloud to leave their home without consent of their husband. There was an example of woman that had got to a village as bride and since then she hadn’t seen more of the village than the courtyard of her of house. That was 12 about years ago.

I also read a report by WASMO’s former AIESEC intern Sarah Glück what WASMO’s water supply programme means for the empowerment of women. And as positive it is that progress is made, as depressing is it to read about the reality of these women and their daily life. I just want clear that I don’t pity them, they must be very strong to have that life.

But as my end note: Feminism is the radicial nation that women are people.

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