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Getting ready for the public (HOT) bus

8 May 2011

Tomorrow I will have my first normal day at WASMO, so no more homework.

One of the I reasons I like WASMO is that their method seems to work. What they do is that they transfer the responsibility for the water provision from the government to the local communities, including planning, construction and operation & maintenance. The government only takes the role of facilitator. And the reports I have read strongly supports that this method is better at providing adequate water, especially improving the daily lives of women and the people in the lower castes groups. Of course I have some questions from them, like how they statistically measure the end result: how many does have adequate water provision.

Since I will go between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar by public bus every day two of the guys from AIESEC Ahmedabad will accompany me on the first bus ride tomorrow. Today I bought a shawl to cover my shoulders and face and I will look something like on the picture.

Now I have to go to bed, goodnight!

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