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First meeting with WASMO: homework and a slight change of living plans

5 May 2011

Yesterday I went to WASMO for the first time. I met the board, expect the Principal Secretary who was not there. It turned out to be very open what I am actually going to do there. I got some material to read as home work, to know which of their projects interests me the most. But I will probably to some kind of research for the resulting in a 50-70 page report on the topic. It feel a little bit like I am going to do my master thesis before I’ve done my Master, but at the same time it’s very existing.

Another thing is that the people at WASMO recommened me not to live in Gandhinagar, since the community there is very hindu/gujarati and that I would rather lonely there. So yesterday I moved to the trainee flat in Ahmedabad. We will see if I will continue to live here, since there is a company in Gandhinagar which AIESEC also has interns at which has a intern flat there. It’s good to be here, but I miss Vartika, her family (and the AC during the night).

Now time to start reading!

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  1. Anna permalink
    5 May 2011 11:11

    Är du nöjd eller besviken?

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