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Ahmedabad induction

3 May 2011

After the long wait at Bombay’s airport I arrived to Ahmedabad and I’m still here. Probably I will go to Gandhinagar tomorrow to meet with WASMO. This far I’ve had homestay with a girl from the LC, Vartika, and her family. They are so very nice to me and I get a lot of nice Indian food 🙂

Monday afternoon I met some of the members of the Local Committee and yesterday we went and did some sightseeing. First we visited a sikh temple and after that replica of the Vishnu Devi . It’s a little bit hard forme to follow all goods in the Hindu belief. I remember quite some for religion class in upper secondary school, but  that is almost ten years ago (omg, time passes by).

The last place we visited was Adalaj Wav Step Well, an fantastic limestone construction around a well from the 15th century. There are apparently some different stories about how and why it was built, everything from a widowed queen built for supplying her people with fresh water to that is was a hide out for a king and his knights during the time they were planning wars.

I took pictures, but I have to fix a USB cable in order to be able to transfer the pictures from my camera to the computer. So I borrow a picture of the step well from the net. I want to give cred to the real photographer, but I can’t find her/his name, but the picture can be found here.

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  1. Santhakumar permalink
    8 May 2011 23:31

    What about sabarmathi ashram?

  2. 9 May 2011 05:47

    Not yet 😉

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