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We all end up in India

30 April 2011

Right now I’m sitting at Mumbai Airport’s Domestic Terminal. This far the flights have went well, but I’m really tired and my brain feels like Jell-O. Judging from this first experience with them, Kingfisher is a really good airline. But a note to self for the future is not sit close to the engines if it’s avoidable during long flights. It makes it even harder to sleep. I have flown so many times in my life that it would impossible to remember them all, but I still very scared when the plane takes off. It’s better now than a couple of years ago, then I could be horror-struck days in advance of taking a Swedish domestic flight to Umeå. But in that very moment when the plane doesn’t touch the ground any more I’m always convinced I will die.

The transfer from the international to the domestic terminal is here by bus and during that ride I saw real slum for the first time. Of course I knew that it would be here in Mumbai, and I am aware that there are probably worse areas than the ones I saw. But the contrast between me in the flight bus and a man that sat on the roof on his building became very, very obvious.

So now I’m here. When I started to plan for an internship I had no plans of going to India. Or more correctly: I had plans to not to go India. It didn’t appeal to me. My friend Alia went to Chennai 2008 and it was clear that she would go already in the summer of 2007. Already when she started to talk about it I thought that I didn’t want the same country destination. It was not until the end of my MC-term 2009/10 (MC= Member Committee = national board) that I started to consider it. Upon the question what I wanted to do after that term was finished I answered “internship” and the follow-up question was almost always “Where do you want to go ?” and I had to “correct” people a bit: the most important was not where, but what. I wanted to do an internship connected to water management, that was what I knew. And in the end of my MC-term were some of these and the most of them were in India and started to atleast think about it. In May an internship at WASMO became available and I really liked the job description, even though I didn’t apply due to that I need to finish my Bachelor thesis during that time. But I read about the city of Ahmedabad and the local committee and I felt that was a place I really wanted to go to, not only inure. When I was almost done with the thesis I started to stubbornly e-mail AIESEC Ahmedabad about the possibility of re-raising with WASMO. The first months it went slow, but after they changed their leadership team I got a really positive response…

And now I’m almost there…

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  1. 3 May 2011 08:16

    Hoppas du har det bra där borta! Om du börjar tycka att det är för varmt ska du veta att Uppsala har återvänt till istiden – +1 igår kväll – BRR! :0)

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