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Candy Lent is over – now what?

23 April 2011

In the beginning of March I felt that I were eating far too much sweets, so for a personal challenge I promised not eat any sweets at all during the time of Lent, this year March 9th to Easter Saturday (April 22nd). And just to clarify, as sweets I considered candy, desserts, cakes, crips, cookies, soft drinks, ice cream and all types of chocolate (inclusive hot chocolate). Already from the beginning I allowed myself one exception: waffles on Waffle Day. Besides the waffles I cheated twice: firstly, on a dinner for a girl celebrating her 30 year birthday I ate the dessert, a cloudberry mousse. Secondly, on the previously mentioned Night of Sustainability I ate three pieces of organic jelly candy, simply because I was extremely hungry.

So how has this experience been for a sweet tooth as myself?

I can very stubborn and I dislike giving in. The desire for sweets never went away, every time I went into a grocery store and saw the buns and candy or the promotion for new ice creams or my flat mate offering my a piece of his candy bar I felt “OH MY GOD, I want that!!!”. But even if the desire never disappeared I felt unattached from it, for example seeing people eating ice cream in the spring sun. It was simply not for me.

So today is Easter Sunday. Sweets are back. I ate something like six Anthon Berg marzipan eggs before I went out off bed. And they are, as always, delicious. But on the other hand it feels little bit like “now what”? I know that I can abstain sweets, so I think I will continue with some rule for myself also afterwards, something like only sweets once a week. Maybe not to start with when I come to India, but definitively when I come back to Sweden for the autumn.

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