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Health worries: a little bit of hypochondria and a little bit of realism

10 April 2011

The tickets are booked, the most of the vaccinations are taken.

Health is actually one of the thing that worries me. I have a medical history of being rather sensitive for side effects from medications and different types of chemicals overall. The last time I went to Asia I got sick, it was probably the swine flu, I got quarantined (in a 5★-hotel room, so don’t feel sorry for me) and I got skin rashes. The reason for the rashes I don’t know, it might have been the tap water or the washing detergent the hotel was using for their sheets.

Now I have taken three shots (Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and the fifth Polio vaccine) as well as the first dose of Dukoral (against cholera) . I got a slight fever from the Japanese encephalitis shot, but what I’m worries me right now is Lariam, the malaria prophylaxis.

The side effects of Lariam can be very severe,  such as paranoia, depression, skin rashes and a variations of muscle problems. The advantage with Lariam is that is doesn’t cost much. I called my father who has taken malaria prophylaxis a couple of times  and he never had any problems with it  himself.

These reason I’m a little bit freaked out right now is that my right leg and especially the thigh hurts. I’m not sure that it is Lariam causing it, since I fell down some stairs at work Friday evening, but I never experienced this type of pain before… Maybe time to call the Medical Information Services?

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