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Night of Sustainability – After us, the Deluge?

31 March 2011

Yesterday I attended a Night of Sustainability at Gothenburg’s nation here in Uppsala. Firstly it was “Get to know each other”-event for people interested in Sustainability. Secondly, Nicole Foss, one of the persons behind the blog the Automatic Earth, held a presentation. Shortly the main points were that the world economy is built on the access to cheap energy (= oil), that Peak Oil already has happened and when the next big financial bubble will burst the world economy will not have the capacity to recover, partly that the most countries has so high debts in comparison with the GDP that is will impossible to pay it time of a accelerating crisis.

Foss also gave some advice, such as not have any debts, to not own property, to have your assets in cash and to build communities.

I sat and tried to remember what I learn in my Economics classes about concepts such as inflation, monetary base and  monetary union, but I am sure that what was taught there was not same as Foss present. Even if Peak Oil really scares me, some things that she said did not really made sense. Firstly, she didn’t take technical invention in to account at all. I honestly don’t think that will “fix it”, but I think it can contribute. Secondly, and maybe more important, everything she talked about was concerning Europe and the US. China came up through a question, but still were countries such as Brazil, India and Russia were left outside.

I also met a lot of people I have not seen for quite some time and that was very nice. I left early, I wish that I would have stayed longer, but I was tired and hungry. I want to give cred to the girls that organized this event because it was really good. Even though I think it is a good idea, but I think it would benefit of adding something like an Open Space to the agenda, both to enable the people to discuss the topics they are passionate about, but also the connect with people they don’t know since before.

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