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In defence of Earth Hour

26 March 2011

Yesterday I read an debate article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. It’s written by Magnus Andersson, the kommualråd from Centerpariet (the Center Liberals) in Solna. To summarize it his opinion is that Earth Hour does more harm than good and that a lot of the world’s population doesn’t even have electricity. I have heard criticism of Earth Hour before, but from the angle that one hour per year doesn’t solve any environmental problem whatsoever and that Earth Hour can create a false feeling of acting sustainable among the public. That criticism I can  agree with. However I do hope that Earth Hour can function as reminder to use as little energy as possible.

What I didn’t like in Andersson’s article was that he focused only on that the developing world will need to be able to use more energy. Yes, that is true, but also means that us in the Western world needs to decrease our energy usage. Partly through new technical solutions, but also through a change in our consumptions habits. And that’s a reality we need to adapt to a soon as possible.

So switch off your lights and think for a while about how you can decrease your energy consumption

in the longterm.

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